Integrated Functional Genomics Database for Mollusca

Welcome to MolluscDB 2.0!

Mollusca is the second largest animal phylum and represents one of the most evolutionarily successful animal groups. MolluscDB represents the most comprehensive functional genomics database specifically for molluscs, by integrating current large amounts of functional genomic resources and providing convenient tools for multi-level integrative and comparative analyses. MolluscDB provides a highly-valuable, open-access multi-omics platform for molluscan research community, by allowing for continuous integrative collection and user-defined comprehensive analysis of ever-growing related resources, and expediting new scientific discoveries for this super species-rich but genomically less explored animal phylum.

Data Statistics
  • Class: 8
  • Order: 50
  • Species: 1,295
  • Genome datasets: 88
  • mtGenome datasets: 1,203
  • Bulk transcriptomes: 1,914
  • Single cell transcriptomes:5
  • Proteome datasets: 55
  • Epigenome datasets: 377
  • Metagenome datasets:298
News and Updates
  • MolluscDB layout were modified. (2024-6-20)
  • Phylogenetic tree was updated (2024-6-20)
  • More new modules analysis data were released. (2024-5-26)
  • Metagenomic data analysis modules were developed. (2024-03-15)
  • Epigenomic data analysis modules were developed. (2024-01-08)
  • Proteomic data analysis modules were developed. (2023-11-22)
  • Single-cell transcriptomic data modules were developed. (2023-8-20)
  • Two bulk transcriptome modules were added (2023-05-16)
  • Six mollusc genomic data were added (2022-12-28)
  • One mollusc genomic data were added (2022-01-20)
  • Three mollusc genomic data were added. (2021-07-25)
  • MolluscDB 1.0-related papaer was published. (2021-01-08)
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Liu, F., Li, Y., Yu, H., Zhang, L., Hu, J., Bao, Z., & Wang, S. (2021). MolluscDB: an integrated functional and evolutionary genomics database for the hyper-diverse animal phylum Mollusca. Nucleic acids research, 49(D1), D988-D997.
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